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Monday, August 30, 2010

The body "forgets"

Wednesday, August 25th (last week) was the last day that I was able to take my one hour walk. Today I pushed myself out the door first thing this morning. It was definitely a "push" because my body was sending me messages saying something like "Are you kidding me? Walk for an hour? Wouldn't it be better to check your email over a cup of coffee?" It was astounding to me that I resisted walking this morning. For weeks I looked forward to my walks. Couldn't wait to get out the door. Not this morning.

Ten minutes into my walk I found myself enjoying it once again. Lesson: Don't allow a 4 day gap in walking. The body "forgets" and undermines you.
And if I had missed this morning's walk, I would have missed the first signs of fall. I drive past this tree almost every day - but who would have seen the beauty of fall peeking through the green if they were only driving by.

And what great stuff did I miss the last 4 days?

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