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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fabulous Knitting Folks

Once a week I sit and knit with a group of wonderful knitters. We can have anywhere from 4 to 24 people at these get-togethers. You never know who is coming, but the mix of personalities is always wonderful. I so enjoy their company and look forward to Tuesdays.

This is our second spring-summer-fall in this location. And it is perfect most times. Beautiful courtyard with a water fountain, cover from the sun, and many options for eating. Come winter we move indoors to a local historic mill - but this outdoor spot is best - frequently our numbers grow just by people passing by and stopping - before you know it, they come with their needles and yarn, and they become friends.

Meathead and Grimace went home with their papa last night. They are back to acting like their normal selves which was joyful to see. This morning after food shopping, I will be picking up Milo and later in the day, getting Meaty and Grimace too. Both my kids have evening plans so Thursdays are typically time-with-grandma for the dogs.

And I am very excited about this weekend. Saturday my sister and I are traveling up to The Mannings in PA. This is a shop but also a destination for all things knitting, spinning and weaving related ... almost a kind of fiber art community. The Mannings are located in a rural setting about 20 minutes outside of Gettysburg. The main facility has probably 5 or 6 rooms devoted to yarn, unspun fiber, books and tools, and space to house weaving looms and spinning wheels. They hold classes and various events. This Saturday is their annual "Knit In" - a time for those interested in knitting to come with a picnic lunch and settle under one of their many trees to sit and knit and visit with friends all day. My sister and I will be joined by our cousins who live in PA and I will be bringing Agatha - my cousin is a spinner and she will help me get Aggie oiled correctly, adjusted and then help me with the basics of spinning on this beautiful wheel. My sister purchased an antique spinning wheel about a month ago - it must be almost 100 years old. I am hoping that wheel comes too. It should be a great day.

And let me not forget to thank my beautiful daughter for staying with her grandma so that I could get away for the day with peace of mind.

Hobbies, pets, family and friends make life very rich. I am blessed to have a generous helping of each in my life.

Total Steps: 4837 - pretty much the total I get if I don't take a walk


  1. I am so looking forward to The Mannings on Sat. too! Trying to decide if I want to bring my wheel - LOL - we can be the spinning/quilting group at the sit&knit!

  2. Good shot of all us knitters. I see the hole in the knee of my jeans shows up quite well. :-)
    I am so happy to be part of this group!
    Your weekend sounds fun. Have a great time.


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