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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My spinning wheel has a "birth-mark"!

Well the assembly of the spinning wheel has hit a snag. There is a spring-y thing-y that I can't seem to get attached properly.

The wheel comes partially assembled and with assembly instructions and tools. But the instructions come with a cover sheet that says in BOLDED, ITALICIZED AND UNDERLINED, and over-sized print, that the distributor wants to help you if you have questions, they give a phone number and the whole sheet is filled with assurances that they want your spinning wheel experience to positive - so please call if you have questions with assembly!! hmmm .....

I am always suspicious of overly-formatted text. I can't help but wonder if the writer thinks you can't read it unless it is big, or pick out the important parts without help, or maybe added emphasis is the goal - but it always looks like yelling to me, or ... (and here is what I really think is going on with the spinning wheel instructions) ... the assembly instructions are a bit convoluted and are not easily understood by a non-spinner.

Thankfully I am seeing my cousin on Saturday who is handy at tinkering and experienced in spinning. If I am unsuccessful this week, she will rescue me! On the up-side. The walnut stain is beautiful and the wheel is beautiful. I did notice a small ding on one of the wood pedals. I am treating it as 'birth-mark" ... I think I will love this wheel when it is put together. I will let you know when it is "born".

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  1. Good luck with the spinning wheel. Hope you figured it out. I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow morning!


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