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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging - the view of 30,000 feet up

Blogging was an experiment! Looking at the result of this experiment from a distance - I am hooked!

I love having one place to connect with people - family, friends, friends I haven't met yet, and other blogs that I follow. Blogging feels like you are making contact with everyone in one step rather than multiple emails and phone calls. And it gives me an opportunity to sort through and document the things that are important to me - sort of like a diary with pictures only better somehow. It is such an efficient and fun method of communication.

It is amazing that you can launch a blog without knowing much about the mechanics of it. It is user friendly - no need for a manual or a cheat sheet. Read the computer screen and make choices. Simple! (and no, I don't work for Blog Spot! I am sure there are other wonderful blog sites.)

After only 14 days blogging, I am reorganizing, adding new pages and page tabs of the top of my page to reduce the side bar clutter (Reduce Clutter - a goal I haven't shared yet - a future posting). Separate pages and tabs ... somehow I discovered this option while poking around in the site. I am sure other things will evolve as I discover new stuff. This has been a wonderful opportunity to exercise my brain and learn something new.

To those who "follow me" publicly (your avatar shows in the side bar under Followers) - thank you! There are 5 of you right now. I am in awe of blogs where there are 50 or 100 followers (and even more). I love the fact I can see who is there. And to those who aren't followers, but sometimes comment on a posting, thank you. It is so much fun to see a "new face" pop up in the comments field. I have discovered your blog through your comments, and I enjoy "visiting you" there. And those who visit my blog, but never make their presence known in any way, I am happy you are stopping by and please say hi occasionally.

Total Steps: 10,018


  1. For anyone peeking in on these comments - Kristin is my beautiful daughter and " mother " to Milo my perfect grand dog.

    There is no better daughter than her. I've checked. And just for the record I am not bias either.


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