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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Canceling life for the next 3 days

Have you ever just needed to carve out some space in your life to get the delinquent everyday things done? Not the fun stuff - the things that make your life more livable and less confusing but get squeezed off your to- do list by other more pressing stuff. That is where I am now!

So I cancelled all my plans for Monday through Wednesday. The calendar is empty. For those days I plan to start with a walk in the morning, and then begin at the bottom of my house and clean my way up. I know that sounds odd but the state of my house is adding to my fatigue. It is not clean and it is cluttered. Yes, this will take more than 3 days but it will give me a good start. Just taking a substantially big first step - forward motion - should help. And sleep ... I need to catch up on sleep. In fact I need to catch up on quiet time. Time when I don't have iPod ear buds in my ears - when I have just my own thoughts to chew on or nature for company.

Just slow down my world a bit and re-group for a few days.

So no day trip to my friend's house scheduled for Monday :-( , no knitting or knitting group, no tai chi practice, no blogging, no iPad game playing, no nothing (well, maybe in the evening I can knit a bit). And there are no doctors visits scheduled, no shopping, no bank runs, no vet visits, no meetings, and at present, no sick animals. And I'd say no spinning or reading, but despite my best efforts I haven't been able to do any of that for quite some time. Just walk and get my house in order for the next 3 days.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep to that plan!

PS ... who am I kidding, I will blog! Can't wait to tell you about the dirty toilets! ;-)


  1. Sounds inspiring Elaine - I am saved from following suit by having to go to work tomorrow morning! My house could use a 3 week start I am sure. On weekends I want to do the fun stuff and I generally do! One of the reasons the condo is always so relaxing to go to is it is neat and not a lot of stuff piled around like there is currently in my house. Good luck!

  2. Yes, the condo is a perfect example how less (less clutter) give more (more relaxation and peace.

    I just have be more brutal about my house and my stuff. It is amazing how "stuff" usually doesn't add to your life - and how it subtracts from it.

    Stuff I haven't even touched in years ... it has to go. Books I haven't read or openned in years, it has to go. I will have to do this at some point anyway, better now while it gives me some positive benefits.

  3. Good luck with your house cleaning. I like to do that every so often - clean all from top to bottom and clean things out. I love how I feel once it's all done.
    I hope you change your mind and take a break for knitting tomorrow.


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