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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Timing is everything

I woke at 6:15 am with Milo at my side. First things first - we went outside for a quick pee (well, he peed and I watched). I don't want anyone thinking I pee in my front yard!!

The sky looked more like night than dawn. Back in the house Milo had a tasty breakfast of chicken and rice grandma made just for him ... he is still recovering from a bit of diarrhea after all. We went back outside again for the more serious business of doing a poop. The sky looked darker (if that was possible) and it was now raining a bit harder with a little lightening high in the sky. I don't do lightening, but I do love a good storm. After Milo did his business (much improved over yesterday), I tried to get him to come in. He wasn't interested. He wanted to sit and watch my neighbors going to work. Now I usually don't find that interesting, but I do so cater to his whims when I can. So we sat on my small front covered porch and watched the sky light up and the rain fall lightly. It was a peaceful thing to do. I was glad he made me pause to enjoy a side of nature that I love - rain! It was a quiet time.

"The quiet before the storm" it turns out, because now at 7:05 am we are sitting on the couch, he is asleep beside me and the rain is pelting the windows hard - thunder is rumbling and lightening just exploded outside our window - enough to make us both jump. I will check later to see what it hit because it was close enough to light up my shaded front windows with a very mean sharp boom! Very close. A picture would express a 1,000 words right now. Sorry I don't have one. I hope my friend who walks 6-7 miles early in the morning is watching this storm from the safety of her home!

I do love a good storm - that one counted in the "great" column. I would say Milo and I timed that walk just right!!

Total Steps: 6663


  1. Sounds like great timing! I am hoping for some rain here - it is hot and dry dry dry. I love when I am at home and can watch a storm coming across the valley - a sheet of rain moving up our hill - very exciting!

  2. I'm glad Milo was with you this morning. I'd hate to have left him alone in my house with all the commotion. I miss my baby!!!!!

  3. Nope!! I was out right in the middle of it walking my 6.4 miles! :-)

  4. Happy one. You are kidding me right? Were you able to take shelter in one of the picnic areas? You will bog about this right? Holy cow woman ... You are fearless. I bow to your adventuresome spirit.


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