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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Most days I know what I am doing. (Or I do a good fake.) But things change on a dime at my house. Today was one of those days.

Got a call last night from my daughter. Grand-dog Milo had loose stools. A puppy often has loose stools, but it is cause for concern because diarrhea when they are young can cause a rapid decline. And I had my son's two dogs Tuesday. Meathead (an epileptic) was acting restless with some unusual behavior all afternoon. In light of a recent change in his meds we suspect he had mini-seizure activity rather than his typical grand mal seizures. So getting a call at 10:00 pm about Milo just seemed to fit into the puzzle that was my day. This morning Grandma is going into town to pick up her Milo. Don't want another messy crate. His mom already had one of those when she came home work a few weeks ago ... a very sad Milo she found sitting in a mess.

As my son is fond of saying ... we have the "broken" pets.
  • Max, our cat, has degenerative kidney disease, and gets fluids every other day with the prognosis of a shortened life span.
  • Meathead has epilepsy diagnosed at age 3 and has been on meds.
  • Meathead and Grimace have hypothyroid disease and are on meds. (and hypothroid disease complicates epilepsy - to be expected because he is a Shanks dog.)
  • Grimace had a fatty tumor removed, and we are waiting on the biopsy.
  • Milo seems to have problems producing a solid stool much to the chagrin of his mom.
Wally, our other cat, motors on without problems - well, his problem will be when he is weighed at the vets, and then we get a weight loss lecture. I think vets should be required to address weight issues with the animal directly! This dressing down of the pet owner for the "chunky-monkey" pet they brought in is just unfair - probably unconstitutional! I think that owners of "chunky-monkeys" everywhere should write their congressional representatives and make their demands known. No more taking the blame for "chunky-monkeys"!!

Sorry, it has been that kind of week (and it is only Wednesday - the week is still "young")!!

Total Steps: 9770


  1. Your grand dogs adore you. That's why when someone says "Grandma" they come running!

  2. I agree Kristin, they have the best grandma! Hope everyone got through the day without incident!


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