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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One sad Pug

There is nothing sadder than a Pug that is in pain!

Today Grimace and Meaty went in for their routine dental cleanings. Grimace had a fatty tumor on his chest for over a year. But lately it had grown in size so the recommendation was to remove and biopsy it - which was done today while he was under anesthesia for the teeth cleaning.

He was one sad pup today, and this evening (of course, his Grandma wanted to keep them overnight and into tomorrow) - this evening he is hurting. You know you are in trouble, when he can't (won't) walk to the end of your 10 foot sidewalk (his walks with Grandma are what he lives for), when he has to be encouraged to eat a "cookie" (i.e. a cheese wrapped pain pill), when he can't find a comfortable position, so he stands or sits for most of the day and evening when he is dead tired and can't keep his eyes open, and you know for sure you are in trouble when he finally gets comfortable on your pillow ... you know the one ... the one that works perfectly for your problem neck and shoulders ... and you think "oh well, it is only one night and he looks comfortable ... finally".

I don't think either one of us will get much sleep tonight.

Just gave him a pill for pain - hoping that does the trick. Better go get another ice pack for that sore chest of his.

Total Steps: 8784 (will be more when my walking buddy is back on his feet - Get Well Grimace)


  1. Awww, poor grimmy. I am sure with Grandma's care he will be be feeling better soon!

  2. We had a hard night last night. He couldn't lay down easily, he spent alot of time standing or sitting, he was obviously hurting until about 2:00 am when he did settle some. We did lots of cold compresses. He is pretty settled now but he is still on pain meds and probably will be for a few days. The fatty tumor was under his chest muscle so is probably pretty sore inside still.


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