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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An urgent message

Just got this email message from Milo (all my grand-dogs are very smart - take Milo for instance - using his mom's Verizon Wireless BlackBerry at only 4 months!!)

Just amazing!

"Dear Gwandma, I'm a sad sad fwenchie. Mama gave me a bath! I was sooooo scared & I shook the whole time. I don't know why she'd do this to me, I've been a good boy. I played in the dog park with all my big dog friends. I even rolled in the mud like a piggy! Why would she do this to me. Come get me soon pleeeeaaaase! Your favorite grandbaby, Milo."
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


  1. Very cute! I suspect my Dotty considers it punishment to be bathed, but the poor thing's had to endure two baths this month, due to fleas, which are terrible everywhere this year. (She's fine, now)
    Thank you so very much for your comments on how to obtain sleep. Barring rain, I am going into town tomorrow and walk around the city park, a square with spokes.
    I sat down twice today to review my sleep articles, and each time the phone rang, and I never did get back to them. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. cute pup ^..^ is it a french bull dog?

  3. Yes, he is a cute one - of couse, I am not very objective. And he is a French Bull Dog.


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