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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2 - Two-thirds of the way there!

Another wonderful morning walk. Great time of the day to do it and it really does launch you into the day with more energy. And the picture? Well, I have decided to include some photos that are "A View From My Walk". What surprised me was that - when you go looking for beauty, it is easy to find. And my walk passed too fast. I was sorry it was over after 65 minutes. Today I watched a runner pass me, and I couldn't help but wonder - do runners really "see" the world around them as they run? Or are they focused on how their body is performing, the next mile, the speed of their performance?

I had a little time left at the end of yesterday, so I added 2 Widgets to my blog. One widget is to Walker Tracker, a web site aimed at walkers who use a pedometer. The link shows a brief summary of my step entries and provides a link to the website for more detail. If you are interested in this site, I am esknitter there - and my avatar is a picture of me when I was about 4 years old. The second widget is a Free Traffic Feed. This widget allows you to see the geographic location of the visitors to the blog. Pretty interesting. There is one other widget I am struggling to add - the link to MapMyRun - this is another activity tracking website that my family uses, and we sort of keep track of each other's efforts - not to badger or nag, but to encourage and motivate. I will track the details of my exercise on Walker Tracker and MapMyRun, and post summary info on the blog. Seems silly to track stuff in 3 places and the two sites do a good job.

First floor cleaning of the townhouse almost done - just the powder room to finish. I will have some company this afternoon. Tuesday is Meaty and Grimmy day at my house, so I will pick them up soon. They are two old-timer dogs now so they don't mind me cleaning - just as long as I don't run the vacuum. ;-) Tuesday is also knitting meeting day, but I skipped it this week - didn't want to put any other road-block in the way of getting cleaning done. I really did miss it. Tomorrow will be Day 3 of this cleaning marathon. I need to finish up on Wednesday for two reasons: I am not really enjoying this, just want to be content in my own house again, and Thursday is Milo, Meaty and Grimmy Day. Nothing gets done when the 3 Musketeer Dogs are here!

And I am sort of dreading Wednesday cleaning. I'll be working on the bedroom level. This level frequently gets skipped when I am rushed (it is not visible to a causal visitor, one whole floor up, keep the blinds closed and no one will know ... you get the idea!). And there are 2 full bathrooms upstairs that are used a lot. This townhouse has 3 1/2 baths. The full bathroom in the basement is used only by company. The half bath on the first floor is easy to clean. The upstairs bathrooms ... ugh! In my next life, I am never going to live anywhere that has 4 toilets (unless I am exceedingly rich and have multiple staff - then the more toilets the merrier!!!)

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  1. I'm doing the walker tracker too. Though I am just recording my morning walk steps not for the whole day.
    I'm going to go find you on there now. :-)


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