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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A busy weekend and a quiet Sunday night

So here I sit at 8:45 pm adjusting to the quiet, and trying to deal with Wally, our cat, who has missed my undivided attention since Thursday when the 3 granddogs showed up. Although he makes a point of strutting through the living room when the dogs are here, (letting them know exactly who is the resident and who is the visitor), he doesn't stay long, and he never gets on the couch to sit by me.

Maybe Wally is sensing that I am feeling alittle lost by all the quiet and he is trying to "fill in". If that's the case, he could stop inserting his claws into my leg, waving his bushy tail across my keyboard and rubbing his chin aggressively against the screen. Or maybe he just wants me to stop typing and pay attention to him since he is bored by all the quiet. Knowing Wally, it is most likely option 2. He is not the most sensitive cat, but he is one of the smartest. And smart pets can make for bored pets. Yes, I sincerely doubt that he cares if I am missing the dogs. Ahhh, finally he has curled up by my side and the slightest of purrs can be heard. And now little licks to the hand ... maybe I will keep him after all. ;-)

The weekend was filled with family and friends and pets. I often wonder why I book activities back to back on weekend days. The weekend just passes in a blur when I do that.

Saturday we had our regular gaming group over. This group has been meeting monthly for probably 30 years. These folks were co-workers of my husband and over time evolved into friends whose lives we share. The group has shrunk as a few moved away and one died about a year ago (we are beginning to show our age), but the monthly game continues.

Sunday we had a family dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. We are not "big celebrators" of birthdays, but we do try to at least get together to share a meal and enjoy each other's company.

And the house continues to be quiet ... I do enjoy quiet times (more and more these days), but it is the contrast between what it was like since Friday and what it is like now that always trips me up.

No walk for me today either. But my foot is feeling better. I am looking forward to my morning walk tomorrow.

And now Wally is asleep! I guess he is glad to have his couch back.

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  1. No home should be without a cat.
    (Mine is, however. But wasn't always.)
    Lovely pictures. Beautiful eyes!


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