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Monday, August 9, 2010

Walking through dust and shrinkage

Yesterday, after blogging, I got ready for my walk. It was 88 degrees out - warm - but not too humid. I had missed walking for many days. I wasn't accepting the excuse that it was too warm to walk today. I would carry water. And I try to carry my camera now, and I always carry my ipod, keys, and tissues. It was more stuff than I could carry in my pockets. So I went in search for a fanny pack I purchased years ago for walking and hiking - the one with a pouch for carrying water and pockets for other stuff.

After digging it out of my closet I made two rather unsettling discoveries. First, it was covered in dust. Dust!!! Had it been so long since I used this fanny pack? Apparently so. I had to admit that we hadn't done much hiking, and although I had been walking regularly about 1 1/2 years ago, I don't think I used this item then. No matter. I dusted it off, cleaned out the pockets, washed the water bottle and filled it with ice water. I was ready to roll!

I tried to strap it on my waist. It was too tight! Like REALLY?? Too tight over summer clothes? (and probably too tight over no clothes, but I wasn't walking in my "birthday suit" just to avoid adjusting the belt). I remember pausing for a moment - thinking that something was caught, twisted, bunched up - something making the fit snug. I even consider the possibility that the nylon belt had shrunk while in the closet. Yes, that must be it! Shrinkage. I felt better!

And so I went for my walk - 55 minutes - warm but do-able, and although nothing interesting happened while walking, I was glad that I persevered and took that walk. Today will be too warm to walk outside, so I will walk on my treadmill while watching a spinning fiber video, with cool air from a fan and air conditioning. And no need to wear my fanny pack today.

And for those who suggest that I need a "reality check" for that nylon belt, I say no. Reality is an overrated state-of-mind.

Total Steps: 10,028


  1. I got home from Susan's in time to unload and get to the meet up place to go to my spinning guild with a friend yesterday (another great day of fiber fun!) but this morning got out and walked my hill for half an hour before work. I loved the pictures of our Sat but really- talk about a reality check - I need to WAlK!!!!

  2. Yeah!! Walk that hill. That is more work than just stepping outside and walking the streets.


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