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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dog Day

Today is dog day. Well, if you count all the days in the week that I have dogs, 5 out of 7 are "dog days" - at least during the spring, summer and fall.

Today I get to sit and knit with my 3 charming canine companions snoring peacefully at my side, ... except for when I am taking Milo out to pee, or restraining Milo from badgering the older dogs, or digging around in Milo's mouth to remove random bird poop, or getting the dogs out for a group walk (which is the definition of a 3-ring circus, believe me), or corralling the dogs into the kitchen for dinner, and then it is quickly poop time and we need to examine Milo's poop to be sure it is the right consistency (don't ask!!). I really love Thursdays!

Upon further reflection, I think I'll skip knitting.

And before the end of the month, I plan to do some sort of a summary on how I am doing on these goals I sometimes talk about. An end of month self-assessment would help keep me honest. I don't want this blog to read like a self-improvement magazine article which tends to be worthless. I've listed 5 things that are important to me so far. There are others just chomping at the bit to be released from their "draft" status, but I will hold off until September. I need to pace myself. After all - 20 years is a long time - and yet, it will be gone in a flash - just like the last 20 years.

Man, that was a depressing thought! Forget I said that.


  1. The best 3 boys ever!! And the most handsome I might add!

  2. By the way, this picture is funny. It looks like Meathead is holding Milo's leash.

  3. How cute is that - I think he is holding Milo's leash!

  4. Yeah! What Meaty is trying to do is keep Milo under control!


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