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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Murphy's Law - should be abolished

Glad this week is over - I think my eariler assessment - that "the week was still young" was prophetic. Murphy's Law needs to be abolished!

Monday was a busy errands-day - stuff bumped from the previous due to dog surgery and recovery issues. Tuesday was knitting group (yeah), but by Tuesday afternoon things were going downhill rapidly. Meathead was displaying preseizure-like behavior - puzzling and worrisome. It resolved by 7:30 pm, but at 10:00 I heard that Milo was developing diarrhea. Wednesday was Milo's day. I travelled into DC to get him. Thursday (regular dog day) began with bad allergic reaction for Meaty - errupting across his whole face and into his forehead. For 45 minutes he miserably rubbed his face and ears against the rug and couch, rolled on his back to relieve itching any way he could. After multiple face washings and an administration of benedryl, he collapsed in exhaustion on my cool kitchen floor. But his face was rubbed raw and red, and terribly swollen. Thankfully breathing wasn't affected, but the episode was frightening. Friday morning his face was still badly swollen, so I picked the boys up early (for their regular weekend with grandma) so he would get regular benedryl. By Friday night, my daughter had arrived and I was really glad to see her - an extra set of capable hands. Today Meathead has a bumpy rash on his muzzle into his eye (rug burn? more reaction?). A vet this morning - Grimace to have his chest stitches out and Meaty to have his muzzle looked at ended with stitch removed and ointment for Meaty's face.

All is settled this afternoon (knock on wood). As I write, Grimace is sleeping on the couch beside me, Meathead, Milo and my daughter are asleep on the floor (My daughter and Milo are covered by a sheet - pretty cute.) My mom is asleep on her chair. Much snoring is going on.

I wish I could nap, but my brain does not shut off that easily, and although I am just exhausted, a nap wouldn't be enough. Besides, someone needs to remain alert for the next disaster!! (Dear God, if you are reading, that was a joke! I don't need one more thing going on this week!!)

Total steps: Tracked on Walker Tracker going forward.

Total steps: Tracked on Walker Tracker


  1. You have had quite a week. Things can only get better.
    Hope you can enjoy today. :-)

  2. I would just like to add, I was not snoring :)!!


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