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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ending the day with a seizure

Some days you just can't pack one more thing into it.

The day started out pretty nice. I had a full night's sleep (not always the case). Today was knitting day with friends and some great projects were shared. The first picture shows the hem of the project I am working on - Sommelier Sweater by Mary Scott Huff. It has been slow going because so many other things have gotten in the way, but it is turning out pretty good.

The second picture is a beautiful sweater being created by one of my friends. It is a work of art.

I also received a gift of a knitted green book mark with my name on it from one of my knitting buddies. It is a lovely and thoughtful gift. I tried to take a picture of it, but I probably need natural light for the best shot.

A beautiful afghan made on a Weave-It loom was displayed. I neglected to get any pictures of this wonderful item, but I didn't neglect to come right home and order myself a Weave-It style loom. It is a great way to use up all those partial balls of yarn. The picture belows show an article from PieceWork - a magazine whose focus is fiber arts and the historical aspects. Weave-It looms stopped being produced in the 1950s, but it is possible to get them on the secondary market or Weave-It style looms - which is what I purchased.

After knitting, I went home, washed mom's hair, then I got her lunch. While she was resting, I took my walk for an hour. It was a cool day and it felt pretty good to walk in the middle of the day. Then mom needed a meds refill so we went to the pharmacy followed by a trip to my son's house to get Meaty and Grimace. The day was still cool and gray so I took the dogs for a long walk. Then dinner for everyone, and then we took another long walk.

Finally, finally, finally ... we sat down to enjoy an evening of TV, knitting, and dog petting, when Meaty had a grand mal seizure at 7:45. While he is treated for epilepsy and we are experienced at handling this condition, each seizure is upsetting and very hard to watch. As he was coming out of the seizure, I gave him his rectal Valium (needed to prevent cluster seizures). Once he was on his feet, the aftermath of a seizure results in about 1 1/2 hours of confused pacing around and panting. We block all the stairs and doorways so he can't hurt himself while he is in this disoriented state, and I sort of follow him around to be sure he is OK (a grandma would do that). At 9:30 pm he finally fell asleep at my feet. Poor baby! Then we made the trip home to his papa (who informed me that Meaty had a seizure last night too). On the way I almost ran into a full size buck (with a full rack) as I was merging onto the highway. I managed to miss him and his mate who was nearby, but I couldn't help but think that it was all part of the craziness that was today!

So it is now 11:15 pm and I am getting my blog posting out. And then it is up the stairs to give Max his fluids for his kidneys - probably around mid-night. On balance - some good stuff and some bad stuff. Pretty much a typical unpredictable day for me. Hope your day was more unbalanced - toward good stuff!

PS - I signed up for a competition on Walker Tracker. Last time I checked I was around 64th place. Today I checked and I am 25th place! Yeah! But it is possible that not everyone has logged their steps. I'll check again tomorrow morning and try not to be too discouraged when I drop to a lower position. I need to find out how many people are participating as well. Stats below.

A stroll through Cornwall

Distance: 198,600 steps / ~99 miles
Days allotted for this walk: 21 days
You're currently walking at a pace of 9,286/day
Steps needed to make it to your destination on time:

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  1. Oh poor Meaty!!
    I'm looking forward to starting my competition Sept first!
    I always enjoy the knitting group! :-)


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