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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3 - Done! and maybe a 5th toilet??

Oh ... So glad I am done with this 3 day insanity.

I usually clean for 2 reasons: company or I am upset! Yes, when upset, I head for the pail and mop and I scrub things. And I vacuum, dust and throw away things ... to excess. Once I cleaned the kitchen in a fit, filling 3 very large trash bags. Defiantly I challenged my husband to name one thing that was missing ... now, you should know that he cares not one twit about the kitchen, probably wouldn't have missed a thing if I had stripped the room bare. And I am not sure, but he may have backed slowly out of the room!!

This time I cleaned because the house was driving me nuts! Thus ... the insanity. And I hope is done for the next 6 months (*sigh* - please don't insert any reality into this conversation - 6 months is what I am aiming for!) Maybe an outhouse in my backyard would help keep my 4 toilets clean. This one looks cozy! Wonder if the park would notice it was missing?

Today's walk was rainy but very lovely. And other than taking a picture of the park's porta-pot (which caused another solitary walker to do a double-take), it was uneventful. It started out drippy and then progressed to a monsoon 10 minutes after I walked out the door. But no matter, I persisted. And I am glad that I did because I made my normal detour through my grocery store (wasn't raining in there), and if I hadn't persisted I would have missed these beautiful sunflowers on display in the store. You just have to look - there is beauty in even a rainy day.

I love walking in the rain. The temperature is usually comfortable, no sun scorching heat - everything looks drenched by water (just like a big drink for everything) and quieter - gentle rain just makes things quieter. When I was in college I remember walking barefoot in the rain - no rain coat, no umbrella, no shoes - just enjoying the clean feeling of everything. Now my old feet need those arch support thingys, and I can't stand worms squeezed between my toes. ugh! I didn't worried about worms when I was in college. Were there worms? Am I really older than dirt? If so, it was before worms, because worms need dirt.

I will know when my son starts reading my blog! He won't be able to help himself. He will comment: "Yes, mom, I have been telling you, you are older than dirt." Thankfully I have the two best "kids" and silly things are always said with love.

It has been a good day. Hope your day was "sunny"!


  1. Yea for being done! I would stick to the 6 month thing.

  2. I love walking in the rain too. When I take pictures people always turn to see what I'm taking a picture of. Sometimes they just don't get it. I always say walking so much more than exercising!! That is why I can do it every day!!

  3. Happyone - I totally agree and I thank you for showing me that because I have enjoyed my walks so much more now that I don't worry about the distance, or the time and I see so much more than I did before. And it is habit forming because I now see things I didn't see before when I am not walk.


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