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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Quiet Sunday ...

And so it is a quiet Sunday at home. No dogs. No family. Just my mom, my husband and me, and the two cats who are naturally very quiet except at 2 in the morning.

It is very quiet here.

My sister went home last night after dropping me off. My cousins left for home from the Mannings right after the event. My son and his girl friend went to his campsite with Meathead and Grimace this weekend (so I never got to see them at all). And my daughter, who came to hold down the "home-front" on Saturday for me, just left with Milo to go home. Thank you sweety, for covering your mom.

Did I mention how quiet it is here today?

Milo saw his vet this weekend for his last puppy shot. He is now 16 pounds. Three weeks ago he was 12 pounds. I did catch one picture of Milo before he left. He is with his new friend "bunny"! Do you see the resemblance? The ears tell the tale!!

Have a wonderful Sunday. I am going to go for a walk - I missed several days and I need to make up for lost time. All of you ... get on your walking shoes and go for a walk too! Especially if it is as quiet as your house as it is here!!

Total Steps: 10,028


  1. I like quiet Sundays.
    I didn't walk today, but I will for sure, first thing tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to get to the half-mile marker; it's been awhile since I've seen it, on foot.
    The dog pictures are cute!

  2. Thanks Anita the dogs are my favorite thing to take pictures of. Enjoy your walk tomorrow.

  3. It is nice to have a quite day every once in a while!
    I've been walking. :-)


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