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Friday, August 13, 2010

Tai Chi Practice - perfect!!

More Tai Chi practice !!

Today is another Tai Chi practice day at the park. Lately I haven't been able to attend these Friday morning sessions. Disappointing, but unavoidable.

Here are pictures from a mid-summer practice session at the lake. The previous pictures shown on the August 3 blog post were taken during the spring. When you compare the two sets of pictures, it appears that we have improved over the summer. We are all doing the same step at the same time. While that doesn't seem like such a big deal ... it is. Anyone who has seen a Tai Chi group perform knows that performing in unison is part of the beauty and the discipline.

We applaud our efforts after each run through and comment on the fact that we are "perfect". Our instructor uses other words to describe us at times (words that are less perfect than perfect), but all I can remember is "perfect" so that is what we are! ;-)

Of course, our instructor tweaks our movements during class, but he let it slip that we were now an "intermediate level" class. We were thrilled. And at times I am sure he wants to take back that slip of the tongue. Too late, we heard it! Intermediate!! It is now cemented in our brains. Yes, perfect and intermediate.

Now onward to the next level: More Perfect!!

Looking at the last picture, you can see the beautiful lake in the background that is our view during these practices. We are so fortunate to have that view, to have our talented and patient teacher, and to have the friendships we have developed.

Total Steps: 14, 214 (good total - walked for an hour, had 3 dogs, multiple dog walks)


  1. You all look wonderful! It is relaxing to just look at that picture with the lake!

  2. We certainly are lucky to have the lake. It's one of my favorite walking routes.
    You all look very experienced!! :-)


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